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I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to attempt to keep up with NaPoWriMo this year. I’ll be writing a poem a day however, I refuse to post one everyday. I think that’s overload. So I’ll do what I can. In other news… today marks the day my biggest source of inspiration came into my life. It’s my anniversary! What better way to kick off National Poetry Month than to share a poem I wrote in honor of the man that keeps me wanting to write poetry.

I hope you make time to read and write some poetry this month, and don’t forget to thank whoever or whatever it is that inspires you to keep doing whatever it is that you do.

-Umm Qamar

The Letters

“…tell your supervisor you’re leaving early today

and I’m going to pay for the rest of your day …” -Tony! Toni! Tone!

A year ago today

Marks the day they became

“Impossible us”

She with legs sealed shut and heart wide open

He in High Pursuit

“Do you know what today is?”

Mother Father Friend said,

He’s all wrong for you

Nothing more than good

Conversation. Piercing like

First time penetration His creed

All wrong he’s coming on too strong

Plundering through barbed wire

fenses trailing Issey Miyake scent

Yellow kite tails catching.

“It’s our anniversary, anniversary…”

Something about a caged bird

The free just can’t appreciate

Scratches in the track our music

Don’t make sense we make

Vinyl record love

Fuck autotunes

He had a throwback style

Would throwback any man

That ever thought they could

She spoke of limitations like deal breakers

And then the letter came

Proving that roses could be born of concrete

And hearts built of brick

Love could be pieced together from leftovers

Can pervade through hard times.

Six years ago today

A moon was born

A year ago today

Trembling hands penned sureties

Two troubled paths eclipsed,

“Do you know what today is?”


When two persons become intimate with one another they lose their sense of proportion.- John P. Davis, Verisimilitude

MAN.  I’ve been super busy with this ModPo class (which I’ve mentioned in a previous post).  I’m kind of late on getting something up for this week.  Since I never announced an official posting schedule you can’t really hold me accountable.

Anyways I decided to cut myself some slack by sharing a found word poem with you all, instead of something exclusively authored by me.  I also have a little personal tidbit to share.  Are you ready?

I’m engaged! Yay!

Actually I’ve been engaged for quite some time now, but I’ve withheld all the mushy details because this is a poetry blog and not a tell-all-my-business-to-complete-strangers-blog.  So what does my engagement have to do with this poem?  Well… if you must know, my fiance and I share an intense love of poetry.  We write poems to each other.   This piece is actually taken from something he wrote for me.  Our poems are a little too hot for WordPress, but I watered this one down especially for you guys.


Determinations pull me closer,

Drops dripping intentions.

Without light I couldn’t escape

Breathing ever so slightly.

In darkness I waited, surrounded by mocking shadows

I find myself stuck.  Endless possibilities,  just

because Roses

Days of and nights of moments knowing

moans and incoherent stuttering.

Secure in your fingers, eases my soul and gives

Intimacy towards kisses that are


oceanic distance

Photo Credit: Junior Libby via public domain pictures

Lying next to baby, I thought…


clouds do not have edges

no visible sharp lines, rigid

therefore unconfined.


You have no boundaries, no beginning

an end parallel to horizon.

Where do we start?


With the niceties, the quaint

the things that fill in,

us, entangle, weave and mesh, night after



And then I remembered.


Peanut-butter jelly sandwiches

I do not like jelly.

The combination of the two, repulsive

but I like you,

how can we mix?


Slice and commence– the soft tangible, often unneccessary

whispers on cold shoulders, middle

of the bed,


that oceanic distance

two shores that will never know the sands

of one another, friends enquire, I can’t remember.

How did we meet?

I’m a late night coffee drinker

Black-American woman, modern thinker

lover of color, colored lover

premature, unwed mother

they say, I’m a “strong black woman”, an “African Queen”

but my heart is weak, my sentiment, mean

my independence IS dependence, my patience won’t wait

my passion has settled, so for me, no soul mate

the hues of my canvas, red blood, burnt sienna skin

my eyes a shade of black, like looking into sin

the brushstrokes of my soul

paint my life, a story untold

in vain I’ve searched for company

so that the dark voids could be filled in me

and when I think I’ve found it, it runs away

leaving me in my demise, alone to face the day

that doesn’t phase me, my heart refuses to be broken

I’m not in need of trinkets, or silly love tokens

that’s right don’t you ever forget

I am the best woman you’ve never met

I am the train that keeps coming

the song that keeps humming

my honey is too strong for tea

and baby I’m everywhere you want to be

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