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I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to attempt to keep up with NaPoWriMo this year. I’ll be writing a poem a day however, I refuse to post one everyday. I think that’s overload. So I’ll do what I can. In other news… today marks the day my biggest source of inspiration came into my life. It’s my anniversary! What better way to kick off National Poetry Month than to share a poem I wrote in honor of the man that keeps me wanting to write poetry.

I hope you make time to read and write some poetry this month, and don’t forget to thank whoever or whatever it is that inspires you to keep doing whatever it is that you do.

-Umm Qamar

The Letters

“…tell your supervisor you’re leaving early today

and I’m going to pay for the rest of your day …” -Tony! Toni! Tone!

A year ago today

Marks the day they became

“Impossible us”

She with legs sealed shut and heart wide open

He in High Pursuit

“Do you know what today is?”

Mother Father Friend said,

He’s all wrong for you

Nothing more than good

Conversation. Piercing like

First time penetration His creed

All wrong he’s coming on too strong

Plundering through barbed wire

fenses trailing Issey Miyake scent

Yellow kite tails catching.

“It’s our anniversary, anniversary…”

Something about a caged bird

The free just can’t appreciate

Scratches in the track our music

Don’t make sense we make

Vinyl record love

Fuck autotunes

He had a throwback style

Would throwback any man

That ever thought they could

She spoke of limitations like deal breakers

And then the letter came

Proving that roses could be born of concrete

And hearts built of brick

Love could be pieced together from leftovers

Can pervade through hard times.

Six years ago today

A moon was born

A year ago today

Trembling hands penned sureties

Two troubled paths eclipsed,

“Do you know what today is?”


Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. -Benjamin Franklin

Thank you Mr. Franklin, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Since undertaking some new responsibilities in my life, (a.k.a. a new job, a.k.a now I can pay more bills) I find my myself yearning for more hours in the days and for more minutes in the hours.  I fully understand the complaints of those writers who try to balance practicing their craft with putting food on the table.  I guess I should try to look at it from a more creative positive viewpoint; now I have more fodder to give my poems life.  I digress…

The true reason for this post was to share a link to a poem of mine that has been published by the lovely ladies of The Blue Hour Magazine.  Please be sure to head over to their site and show all of the wonderful poets, writers, and artists some love!  I’ll be back to posting poems and random ramblings soon enough.  I just wanted to thank all my followers and even those of you who just happened to fly by and “like” a few of my posts.  I love you guys and wish you well.

-Umm Qamar

In the Purple Rain- A poem by Jasmine Javid

Art Journaling By Me!

This poem was influenced by the eloquent deviancebyciaraswan’s poem titled “Random Emotions.”  The theme behind my poem isn’t taken from her work, but from the song that she mentions in the poem, “Rose Royce’s “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Please go and check out deviancebyciaraswan’s blog, she has some truly admirable work.

And Then You Start Writing Love Poems

because it is the only way to tell this man how you feel

it is the only way to welcome in the stranger, that’s come to stay at your heart

because before him, there was a vacancy

you thought only God could fill

you had real estate like S.E. D.C.

Pricey, yet essentially worthless

with a view of the river,

and even that stunk

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to anyone that may have been following this blog.  I haven’t updated Dirty Word Laundry in so long there are cobwebbs on my dashboard!  I can’t apologize for the inconsistancies in life that sometimes take time away from the things we are truly passionate about.  I took a much needed hiatus from both of my blogs to handle matters that were a little more pressing.  I am back now, and here is a poem that I think is appropiate for my return.  Enjoy!


I miss you.

Like “m” misses “I” and “s” misses “s”

I miss you.

Like the spaces between our letters are farther than the spaces between

Our hearts,

I miss you.

Like missing you is a fulltime job, and I, just clocked overtime,

Baby I miss you.

You just left

And I’ve been resurrected

My pillowcase soaked with ,

Tears of anticipation.  Hot and moist like my sheets

Would be if you were here,

You just left, and

I miss you, more than blacks miss their heritage,

More than whites miss rhythm,

So they just steal others.

More than rappers miss originality,

So they just steal others.

I miss you.

More than death misses life

More than the blind miss sight

I’m baffled

How can I feel this way?

I’ve only known the thought of you and,

Already, I miss you.

There is no logical explanation for

The values the heart chooses to uphold,

Who needs logic to decipher these matters

When working with the soul

I miss you.

Like lungs miss air

And every time I inhale this empty air,

I miss you.

Like the sun misses the sky,

When it sets.

Like the naked oak misses her leaves

When they fall.

Like the ever approaching meeting with

God,  I‘m trying to get to you.

And while my mind fumbles with reality

My body misses your sensuality,

I envision kissing you.

And while I’ve fictionalized our affair in these poems,

These words attest to the truth.

One day this pen I’ll retire,

You’ll be here in the flesh, and

I’ll never again

Miss you.

Mixed Media Art By Umm Qamar

we get lifted, you and I

nobody can catch our flow

when we ooh, it’s like aah

we flux together so seamlessly

nobody can catch our flow

they’re square, we’re round

try as they may but,

nobody can catch our flow

it’s nothing learned, it’s natural

it’s the simple mathematics

that makes you

 equal me

and together we

we just add up

I know it’s frustratin’

everybody, they’re perpetratin’, but




Tag You in my Cloud

I like you the way you don’t like me,


I dream of you, as much as you avoid me,


You duck and dodge my calls,

but I’ll probably call  again,


and from a different number.

I may even show up at your job,

and pretend like I’m your spouse.

“Honey, you left this at the house.”

Don’t act like you don’t know me.

I follow all your social networks.

Remember? You @mentioned me.

Man I’m really “Diggin” you.

I’m “Pressin”, “Pinin”, so “Linkedn” to you.

Baby please accept my friend-request,

so that our love we can loudly profess.

I’ll even tag you in my cloud.

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