“…So for me patience is most fitting”

            -Yaqub Father of Yusuf


While we wait,

Droning along

Towards world excellence

Towards new order.


Policing the heinous crimes of The Others.

So Christian like-

This show of black intelligentsia.


Covert. Ignorance. Advocacy.


Yes the Dream is real.

The fight won. So

You and I can fight some more


And some mo’,

and some mo’.



I had a Dream

That my big brother was spying on me,

To keep me mo’ safer, make my life mo’ betta.

Ensure my loyalty


Les’ I be


A lone wolf wandering amongst the sheep

While the shepherds preach?


The reporters ask,

“Would He be here today?”

“Is this the Dream which

Thine eye did seek?”


Hell no


This dream reeks

Of Orwellian overtones,

Unmanned. Fallacy. Orbits.

So that the children of the world may

One day


Be free.