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You made me come to hate the something

I once loved

I am not myself just as much

As you are not what you appear to be.


And what does that mean?


Like wet paint

The smell lingers but please,

Do not touch the walls

As they are delicate with emotion

Much less with meaning-

A blank space where That used to



A return to the activities we once

Enjoyed as children does not guarantee

The same kind of joy

I’d rather return, child

For this is as empty as two shoes bound together

And flung,


Across the wire


I’m up thinking about you

being counted.

You’re awakened by the count,


days and minutes

my back against the wall,

and I’m counting…

1) you’re here

2) so am I

3) we are agile thieves, stealing time.

When two persons become intimate with one another they lose their sense of proportion.- John P. Davis, Verisimilitude

MAN.  I’ve been super busy with this ModPo class (which I’ve mentioned in a previous post).  I’m kind of late on getting something up for this week.  Since I never announced an official posting schedule you can’t really hold me accountable.

Anyways I decided to cut myself some slack by sharing a found word poem with you all, instead of something exclusively authored by me.  I also have a little personal tidbit to share.  Are you ready?

I’m engaged! Yay!

Actually I’ve been engaged for quite some time now, but I’ve withheld all the mushy details because this is a poetry blog and not a tell-all-my-business-to-complete-strangers-blog.  So what does my engagement have to do with this poem?  Well… if you must know, my fiance and I share an intense love of poetry.  We write poems to each other.   This piece is actually taken from something he wrote for me.  Our poems are a little too hot for WordPress, but I watered this one down especially for you guys.


Determinations pull me closer,

Drops dripping intentions.

Without light I couldn’t escape

Breathing ever so slightly.

In darkness I waited, surrounded by mocking shadows

I find myself stuck.  Endless possibilities,  just

because Roses

Days of and nights of moments knowing

moans and incoherent stuttering.

Secure in your fingers, eases my soul and gives

Intimacy towards kisses that are


oceanic distance

Photo Credit: Junior Libby via public domain pictures

Lying next to baby, I thought…


clouds do not have edges

no visible sharp lines, rigid

therefore unconfined.


You have no boundaries, no beginning

an end parallel to horizon.

Where do we start?


With the niceties, the quaint

the things that fill in,

us, entangle, weave and mesh, night after



And then I remembered.


Peanut-butter jelly sandwiches

I do not like jelly.

The combination of the two, repulsive

but I like you,

how can we mix?


Slice and commence– the soft tangible, often unneccessary

whispers on cold shoulders, middle

of the bed,


that oceanic distance

two shores that will never know the sands

of one another, friends enquire, I can’t remember.

How did we meet?

I decided to go back to my roots today.  Instead of a sexually charged, or a sarcastic, rebellious poem, I’m sharing a poem about faith.  I hope you all enjoy it!

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Peckham via Flickr

Our relationship is immaculate

Of course there was that one time

Never mind

Old days, old ways


You are far beyond that

I seek to prove

What solidifies my Faith

In what I’ve never seen


Only what I’ve perceived

To be-

This, is love enlightened

My burden lightened


My steps illuminated

I tread a path well-worn

If sleep is minor death

Then please, dear soul- stay awake


Seven lines to keep me straight

Of course there was that one time

Rendered helpless I understood, he did desire pink

Flesh, below the cradle that was my womb

Inside pumping life to that hollow groove

It took what it was given, and made it renewed

That pureness could be created from the depths of desire

Come out kicking breathing air reminiscent of our smoke

And so when you asked could we do it

I thought, which is more easily done?

To turn lust into love into life


To simply lay and indulge in the selfishness that is us


I’ll probably never have white teeth

I smoke too much coffee drink too many cigarettes one

To cure the hangover from my insomnia the latter to battle



These things are not lady-like

Who said I was a lady

Like type of woman who said

I sit with my legs closed, heart open, toes painted stomped on scarlet lips the same


Mind consumed with creating a home a space to maintain thoughts

Have no face to represent them, I cannot say how I

Feel, nevertheless keep it real because women like me are

Underrated, overworked, under-sexed, over-controlled,

Underestimated, insides rare thick skin overdone I’m over this


And you overjoyed?

My name is Housewife Hilary

Capitol House I keep a Capital Home

I’ll probably never have white teeth but I’ll bet

My husband has clean drawers

Thanks for teaching me about life.

To you I’m forever indebted.

I’m newly impassioned to find

my way.  Outcast, I’m a student


cum laude from the school of hard-knocks.

Thanks for teaching me about life;

for showing me honesty is

the rarest of gems. The golden


rule does not apply.  In order to

breathe, I don’t need air, don’t need trees.

Thanks for teaching me about life.

You taught me sex, drugs, and cash are


essential to pass this garbled

course.  Lying, cheating, stealing are

tried and true methods for success.

Thanks for teaching me about life.

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