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Opiate Susmission

The sun-rays my silhouette humbled,

Casting reverent shadows on Turkish artistry.

Here because you denied – the sun,

The moon, the stars primitive artistry.  This

Life is lonely, and then you sacrifice your blessings

That is Grace.


I watched

Her footprints soft-spoken, unaware

Of her power from which I was conceived.

Bear no witness to my deeds. I

Listened to their stories,

They washed their hands of me

That was love.


My knees kiss this consecrated ground

Redemption beading on my forehead,

Wreaking havoc, it is the storm before the calm.

High on opiate submission

And waiting for the pouring forth,

Now I know why they lean.

The weight of confession cannot stand alone.


Faith tastes like complacency

Come again?

I never learned how to swim

But I tread deep waters

Because I knew how to pray.

Ya Sheikh!

That is servility.


I decided to go back to my roots today.  Instead of a sexually charged, or a sarcastic, rebellious poem, I’m sharing a poem about faith.  I hope you all enjoy it!

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Peckham via Flickr

Our relationship is immaculate

Of course there was that one time

Never mind

Old days, old ways


You are far beyond that

I seek to prove

What solidifies my Faith

In what I’ve never seen


Only what I’ve perceived

To be-

This, is love enlightened

My burden lightened


My steps illuminated

I tread a path well-worn

If sleep is minor death

Then please, dear soul- stay awake


Seven lines to keep me straight

Of course there was that one time

I sit here penning poems

whilst my people are dying

dying fighting for a freedom

a freedom they cannot conceive

I sit here littering this paper

with my menial thoughts

whilst my people march on city streets

bloodied hands raise flags for the cause

they’re willing to die as martyrs

a title they’re sure they’ve earned

and I, I just sit here writing poems

wondering why the women must weep

over loved ones who so valiantly

choose to die in hallowed streets

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