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The signifier failed to signify.

20 resting souls

In a world where:

“Things like this don’t happen,”

not here.

The words, the words

are better dead;

As they are inadequate,

for drying tears.


You are no bundle of joy

my little brown sun-drop boy

For quite some time now

we’ve been together,

you and I, me and you

my sweet, caramel kiss.

You’ve seen some things you shouldn’t have seen,

been some places you shouldn’t have been.

But that’s ok because,

me and you, you and I

we’ve been riding it out,

since 2007

when you burst onto the scene

my life hasn’t been the same.

My little brown sun-drop boy.

I must admit I was not prepared

for you,

and for the hardships you would bring.

I had no pain.

in bearing you,

but you know what they say.

I’ll get my fair share of heartache,

you prove that everyday.

Although my language is not very deep,

and I do not possess the idioms

with which to speak,

although you’ve stretched my patience

and my womb,

and sometimes I’d like to beat yo a$$

because you are no bundle of joy.

I love you dear son.

Moon in my midnight sky.

My little brown sun-drop boy.

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