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Woman smoking pipe

tender black buttons

dark nights- rising

life and pleasure given and

taken from these

pain and suffrage

guided you

across turbulent seas

molded by a fingertip,

not to be marred by too eager teeth

nor pierced to aesthetically please

but these

raisins in the sun

dimpled supernovae

exploding across the vast sea of my breast


by the undulations of your tongue,

These feed nations

seduce men

but they say I

am just a woman

objectified, less

*Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Just a little fun for the end of the week, share this with your co-workers.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate your sense of humor.

I love an ignorant man,

who speaks on

what we ain’t got,

instead of what we don’t have.

When we go to restaurants

he knows not what he eats.

All he knows is the menu says chicken,

and that’s some kind of meat.

I’m partial to men that, prefer incarceration.

I like em’ a lil’ illiterate too.

I stay far, far away,

from the educated, well-to-do.

Do you know where I can get one of these?

Good men are so hard to come by

I needs me a real man,

you know, a 3 time felon, that does drive-bys.

If you enjoyed this poem, by all means please, do share.  Don’t be selfish 🙂

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