Often times I find myself wondering “is my poetry deep enough?”  To those of you who are seasoned writers this question may seem a bit petty.  In my own defense we all have insecurities, and this is one of the many that I harbor.

The internet, WordPress in particular is lush with inspiration for poets, writers, and artists alike.  It isn’t rare that I come across work that truly moves me, and every once in a while I stumble across a gem (a poem) that makes me do a double take.  I end up reading the poem over and over again, trying to gain some insight on what the speaker is communicating.  I know firsthand how much labor and creative energy is spent on composition that speaks to people.  So I’m amazed when I read poetry that is both eloquent and  thought-provoking.  How do they do it?  Better yet, am I capable of that type of writing?

Welcome to the stage my inner critic.  I actually appreciate her for catching my mistakes, or for suggesting better word choices, or for helping me excise the b.s. from my writing.  What I  don’t appreciate is her constant reminding me of my “wet-behind-the-earness.”  I am well aware of that fact.  I don’t need her Inner Critic Highness to remind me of it.  I also don’t need her suggesting that the simple language I use, or the fact that my poetry isn’t very obscure equates it with crappy poetry.  I know this isn’t true, but I can’t stop myself from wondering.  Does fancy language and hidden meanings within a poem make it a good poem?  Or is a person such as myself able to compose good poetry, by simply writing about things readers identify with and are able to comprehend after just one reading?

It would be nice to know what you all think about this matter.  Tell me your thoughts on the subject by leaving a comment.  I’m just going to keep writing.  If you can understand what I’m talking about in my poetry, great.  If not, then that’s even better 🙂