By Kaptain Kobold

Here is a poem I thought wouldn’t make it.  I penned the original version in February of this year, it is now the end of August and I finally mustered up the courage to edit and post it.  Sometimes your writing just needs a little time to rest and marinate.


I know that I am better than you

I tell you everyday

Inform you of my superiority

With all the fancy words I say


I know how you envy me

Wish that you could be my friend

Pure deep-seeded jealousy

Is what makes us one in the same


Been brewing these feelings for a while

Like coffee black

This hate entombed in my heart

I can no longer bear

I need relief

A God sent elixir

The answer to my prayers on tap


What joy?

I wait up     just to be let down

Who would pay to see an unhappy clown?