I just wanted to take a moment to apologize to anyone that may have been following this blog.  I haven’t updated Dirty Word Laundry in so long there are cobwebbs on my dashboard!  I can’t apologize for the inconsistancies in life that sometimes take time away from the things we are truly passionate about.  I took a much needed hiatus from both of my blogs to handle matters that were a little more pressing.  I am back now, and here is a poem that I think is appropiate for my return.  Enjoy!


I miss you.

Like “m” misses “I” and “s” misses “s”

I miss you.

Like the spaces between our letters are farther than the spaces between

Our hearts,

I miss you.

Like missing you is a fulltime job, and I, just clocked overtime,

Baby I miss you.

You just left

And I’ve been resurrected

My pillowcase soaked with ,

Tears of anticipation.  Hot and moist like my sheets

Would be if you were here,

You just left, and

I miss you, more than blacks miss their heritage,

More than whites miss rhythm,

So they just steal others.

More than rappers miss originality,

So they just steal others.

I miss you.

More than death misses life

More than the blind miss sight

I’m baffled

How can I feel this way?

I’ve only known the thought of you and,

Already, I miss you.

There is no logical explanation for

The values the heart chooses to uphold,

Who needs logic to decipher these matters

When working with the soul

I miss you.

Like lungs miss air

And every time I inhale this empty air,

I miss you.

Like the sun misses the sky,

When it sets.

Like the naked oak misses her leaves

When they fall.

Like the ever approaching meeting with

God,  I‘m trying to get to you.

And while my mind fumbles with reality

My body misses your sensuality,

I envision kissing you.

And while I’ve fictionalized our affair in these poems,

These words attest to the truth.

One day this pen I’ll retire,

You’ll be here in the flesh, and

I’ll never again

Miss you.