This poem is my response to the most recent outburst of violence against minorities.  Although violence is nothing new, I must say I’m especially appalled at the mishandling of the case of Trayvon Martin.  This is for him.


You are black

a shadow puppet against a white screen

you will not succeed.

You’ll be held back by the confines

of your own mind

ridiculed and mocked by your own people.

You are an impurity

something to be cleansed

all your blackness rinsed from your skin.

You are black

no more

always less

you are uneducated, unsophisticated,


The gunk behind the ears of a world that

considers you


What will you do BLACK man? Fight?

No you’ve fought before

How will you free yourself of the

social stigmas? Protest? March?

No BLACK man

you will rise


rise to the occasion

stepping on as many necks

and climbing over as many backs as you need to. You

will trample the hate, the setbacks,

the gown, and the gavel.

You will push their faces into the mud

push them into the brown clay

back to the BLACK