If you haven’t heard of Corey of the Clown Rhymes blog,  do yourself a favor and go check him out.  His poetry is cool and he runs a poetry challenge that is open to all.  The theme this week is “A Letter to Myself.” Here is my take on the topic.

A Letter to Myself

Dear Jasmine,

I’m writing this letter to whom it may concern

I’ve been dying to ask, dying to question

Who DO you think you are?

You describe yourself as

Righteous and pious, a God-fearing woman

I object

You’re none of these things

You’re no more righteous than deviant Johns

Perusing alleyways for cheap thrills

Who DO you think you are?

You are no more pious than a self-serving preacher,

Pimping the

“Word of God” for a shiny new car

You are no God-fearing than a loathsome drug dealer

Selling powdered Hell in a vial

You are no more of a woman

Than the slut down the street,

Who opens hers legs in hopes of catching a break

You’re no better than any of these folks

At least they know who they are

You’re fraudulent, phony, fake

No more real than a desert mirage

Perhaps one day you’ll find yourself

Until then – on with the show!

I must say I’m enjoying the theatrics


Your soul