My feelings on the current status of African-Americans here in the U.S.

We the black sheeple of America

Long ago we were sheared of our rights

Robbed of our identities

The wool that once held our families together,

The very fiber of our communities

Has been traded for a lowly price

The black sheeple of America

Do not have a culture of our own

Our image has been herded and manipulated

By a shepherd who’s never been down for the cause

We parade around entertaining THEM

As if that’s our only cause

Where have all the great thinkers gone?

To what land have they disappeared?

Leaving us stranded here

Stranded here with only singers, dancers, and jigaboos

And Jack Johnson like businessmen

There is no real representation

Plenty of I(s) on the team

And no congregation

Alas we’re only a herd of sheep

Infected with the disease of want

I implore you

Is there any man, woman, or child,

Who will put aside the seeking of material things?

To step up and lead the flock

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