I’m a late night coffee drinker

Black-American woman, modern thinker

lover of color, colored lover

premature, unwed mother

they say, I’m a “strong black woman”, an “African Queen”

but my heart is weak, my sentiment, mean

my independence IS dependence, my patience won’t wait

my passion has settled, so for me, no soul mate

the hues of my canvas, red blood, burnt sienna skin

my eyes a shade of black, like looking into sin

the brushstrokes of my soul

paint my life, a story untold

in vain I’ve searched for company

so that the dark voids could be filled in me

and when I think I’ve found it, it runs away

leaving me in my demise, alone to face the day

that doesn’t phase me, my heart refuses to be broken

I’m not in need of trinkets, or silly love tokens

that’s right don’t you ever forget

I am the best woman you’ve never met

I am the train that keeps coming

the song that keeps humming

my honey is too strong for tea

and baby I’m everywhere you want to be